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Austin Henley

.NET Full Stack Developer

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Website Under Development!

This website is currently being developed. Some features may not work and some features may have some bugs. But don't worry, they will be fixed soon!

There is now a Web Form version of my website! To visit it click here! Not all features are working at this point but will in the near future!

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About Me

Ever since I was a kid I wanted to know how any part of technology worked. At the age of 11 I wanted to learn how software was made and haven't stopped programming since! I was teaching myself HTML, CSS, and C++ until I went to High school which I was lucky to take 3 years of Web Design and 2 years of Computer Science. I would also go to a Python competition at the Johnson County Community College in a group of 2 other people and make our way to 1st place! After High School I decided to go to Centriq Training for the full stack developer track to turn my passion into a career!

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